Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Introducing Pious Poultry

This is the first time I’m offering all these shirts to the public. Prior to today, all of this stuff was a fun joke between family and friends. Every time someone saw one of these drawings somewhere, they couldn’t help but smile and laugh at how goofy it all was. Then they’d ask where they could get one. That goofy-ness is what makes these shirts so irresistible. Now, I hope everybody can get a kick out of the different drawings and personalities portrayed on each t-shirt. And what good is an endeavor if it doesn’t help out the world in some way? So, not only will these shirts make people smile and laugh, but they’ll help out a worthy cause. As long as I’m running this show, I’ll donate a third of all the t-shirt money I make to a new cause each month.

Like I said earlier, this whole Bob the Chicken thing started out as a joke. . . a joke drawing that I made sophomore year of high school (2003), a joke that quickly started developing a life of its own— it kind of started to get out of hand actually. Before I knew it, I was making calendars and shirts for my family and friends. Bob became a quick hit.

By 2012, Bob had taken on so many personalities that I was reminded of a man going through a mid-life crisis— he probably had enough mid-life-crises to compare to a small gaggle of people. When it comes down to it, he’s on a mission to find himself— whether it’s through a new endeavor, a worthy cause, or a change in personality. This is actually a lot like what society is going through today. We’re unsure of our futures. Do we follow the path laid down before us, buy into the stereotype, or do we create our own futures? Follow Bob as he answers these questions for himself, through old-fashioned trial and error. There will be more personalities and t-shirts to come!
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