Thursday, June 21, 2012

The "Causes" Effect

This past week, quite a few people asked me about how supporting a cause fits into our business model. So I thought I might as well write it down in a blog post. :)

It's my strong belief that we're all in control of making the world into what we want it to be. Specifically, our generation is a talented bunch that has the ability and the drive to make both entrepreneurship and philanthropy related once again. By doing this, we won't only bring prosperity to ourselves and to our loved ones, but we'll also bring hope to others around us. We have the power to bring about any changes in the world that we desire through our creativity, enthusiasm, vision, talent, drive, and generosity. We need to use these strengths (and any others we have) to support each other. We're all on this earth together. . . why not have each other's backs every once in a while?

For that reason alone, we should show generosity through business endeavors (if finances allow for it). But I have yet another reason.

We all invest a lot into our businesses. That investment can be emotional, financial, or both. The point is this when people start a business, they place a huge piece of themselves out there on a limb. As a result, any businessperson sincerely wants their endeavor to succeed. . . we all NEED to succeed to preserve that huge piece of ourselves. So why not give the business every possible opportunity to achieve that success? For us, making causes a part of our business model and subsequently raising awareness for that cause is one more way that the business and those around us can succeed. In the end, if our finances don't hold up, at least more people were made aware of our causes than would have known about them if our business never existed. Along those exact same lines, every donation to one of our causes makes our business an even bigger success (whether it's through us or through someone else's personal donation). We truly believe in the causes we support, so we honestly feel a connection to them that brings us fulfillment as they thrive.

Pious Poultry believes that the more we win, the more those around us should win. It's our personal preference to spread the wealth a little by switching to a new cause every month or two. We're open-minded though, so we're always willing to stick around longer (or multiple times) if necessary.

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  1. Couldn't have said it better myself. I just don't understand the Robin Hood mentality people have today. Why would I give you something for nothing? Why can't we all apply ourselves, work hard, and all benefit as a result? Where does this modern sense of entitlement come from? If you had straight A's, and your friend had F's, would it be fair of me to give you both C's, simply because one of you isn't willing to work hard? Of course not. But what I can do is create an environment in which you both have an opportunity to apply yourselves and succeed. And the same holds true in business. If we preach entrepreneurship, we can build a brighter future for a larger majority, and if we can tack some philanthropy onto that, then I say that's even better. That's why I love pious poultry. I get a clever shirt, I get to support an upstart, and a charity, group, or cause gets some recognition and a donation. That's a 3-way win in my book.


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